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One-Act Plays

Flexible cast; 5-12+. Run Time: Approximately 50 minutes

A raucous and heartfelt exploration of different types of therapy including traditional, group, family, physical and social. Flexible cast portrays a wide variety of characters dealing directly or indirectly with therapy. Consisting mostly of monologues and small vignettes.

Cast: 2 males, 3 females. Run Time: 30 minutes​​

A humorous and poignant exploration of one’s sense of right and wrong.  Luke converses with his conscience in a hole-in-the-wall diner as he contemplates his upcoming marriage and relives some of his more significant romantic memories. A dry waitress and a rambunctious ex-girlfriend add wit and charm to this heartfelt comedy. The art of talking to oneself is taken to a whole new level, as the interaction between the main character and… the main character is played out in a clever, slapstick, and sometimes serious portrayal of internal conflict.

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