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Cast: 10 males, 13 females + chorus. Run Time: Approximately 2 hours

The inspiring biblical story of Esther and her bravery to save her people amidst hate and intrigue  is captured in this intense, beautiful, and sometimes humorous musical. 


Tamar - Esther’s Mother

Abihail - Esther’s Father

Joshua - a young boy Midwife

Mordecai - Esther’s cousin and guardian

King Xerxes

Harbona -servant of the King

Memucan - prince

Tarshish - prince

Meres - prince

Vashti - Queen


Yasmin - Esther’s friend

Azar - Esther’s friend

Yael - Esther’s friend

Hegai - Keeper of the women

Haman - Advisor to the King

Zeresh - Haman’s wife

Parvaneh - A girl in the harem

Nahid - A girl in the harem

Fairuza - A girl in the harem

Galina - Esther’s maid

Anahit - Esther’s maid




Intro/Prayer Song

She Will Come To Us

Temple Underscore

Psalm 30:5

Eat And Drink Freely

I Will Not Come Down

You Should Replace Her

How Abundant Is Your Faithfulness

If I Were Queen

More Than This

I'm Your Mother Now

When I Meet The King

Something About This Moment

When I Meet The King Reprise

The Weeds

For Such A Time As This

If I Perish

How To Honor Such A Man

I Should Have Known

Rejoice/He Will Come To Us

Includes script, score, performance and

practice tracks

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