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Stage Fright

Flexible cast; 1-12+. Run Time: Approximately 90 minutes

Stage Fright is a rambunctious, free-style musical addressing all the ways in which one encounters and overcomes fear; from being afraid of the dark to fear of commitment and much more. The script is written for a cast of five, but was originally written as a one-woman musical, and can accommodate a cast of one, ten, or anything in between and beyond. 


Stage Fright

Baby Steps

Is This Seat Taken?

Afraid Of The Dark Blues

They Say

I Might Wet Myself

Is This Heart Taken?

I Have A Voice

Dialing, Ringing, Holding, Dying

Social Roller Coaster

Afraid Of Commitment

I Like It

I Won't Lie

Baby Steps Reprise

I Don't Care If You Hate Me

Includes script, score, performance and

practice tracks

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