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How to be Human: a monster musical

Cast: 7 males, 9 femalesRun Time: Approximately 2 hours

A group of monsters who are studying humans are thrilled when two high school students accidentally stumble into their classroom. Zombie love songs, monster-human relations, and delightful twists abound in this musical comedy about appreciating yourself just the way you are.


Abigail- brainiac, over stressed, perfectionist, practical, does not deviate, thrives on normality

Julian- left of center teenage boy. Always dreaming, geeky, gawky, obsessed with other-worldly things 

Witch Wilhelmina- teacher of the "how to be human" school. Eccentric, dry, rough around the edges, heart of gold

Cecil - a cyborg; depressed, dopey, hopeless

Daisy- a Sasquatch; prissy, extremely girly, high maintenance, pink

Boyd- an abominable snowman; manly, charming, hairy

Veronica- a vampire; attractive, deceitful

Belinda- a banshee; soulful, sassy

Todd- a zombie

Earl- half-zombie, half-gnome

George- a zombie

Ralph- Frankenstein; surprisingly well-mannered and smart

Helena- a werewolf; feisty, rudy

Caroline, Martha, Dot - minions



How To Be Human

The Humans Are Here

All Of You

I Will Excel

Average, Everyday, Abnormal Teenager

Boy, You Better Be Careful

Covered In Hair

You Might Lurk

Makes Me Wanna Wail

Covered In Hair Reprise

No One Loves A Cyclops

Average, Everyday, Abnormal Teenager Reprise

Hannibal Lecter

Does That Make Me A Monster?

Average, Everyday, Abnormal Teenager Finale

Includes script, melody lead sheet music, performance and practice tracks

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